Problem with Paypal payment

I can’t pay with Paypal. I get something like this:
“error collecting payment. check your method(Code: 1211)”

I contacted support and of course I get answers like it is problem with bank, with fund, with card…

Today I renewed one of my domains paying with paypal. I had almost a year until renewel but it is easiest way to show there is no problem with debit card, paypal, bank, funds. I sent support screenshot of e-mail that shows I made Paypal transaction today.

Is it common to have problem to pay with Paypal?

I am little crazy about this. Don’t know that I ever had problem with Paypal payment.
I don’t want to pay with debit card. Especially after this bad experience with Cloudflare billing system.

There are two types of payments: Single, and Recurring. I believe domain renewals fall under Single category. Anything like the monthly plan payments need a different type of permission. What’s your funding source for PayPal? Credit? Debit? PayPal balance?

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Cloudflare tried to make reccuring payment with Paypal. It didn’t work.
I tried to pay invoice manually with Paypal but it doesn’t work too.

I am using debit card. There is enough funds and there is nothing wrong with bank account or debit card.
I’va paid domain with it today.

I tried again and succeded this time. I just don’t get it. There was enough funds all the time.

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Hi @crodexter,

I see that both tickets you created were replied to with the information regarding the decline you were seeing and are now solved in our system.

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