1. Malfunction of the search engine inside the site: the search is significantly slowed down also as a result of the latest interventions. When searching with a single keyword, search time is between 20 and 60 seconds. If you add one or more keywords, the search becomes practically impossible: in this case either the search takes a few minutes, or even leads directly (always after a few minutes) to the server error screen.

  2. Blocking of payments by credit card: since it was installed in a new firewall, all orders placed by the site and paid by credit card, were not registered by Magento although it was possible to account for payment on the site of Cartasì. In practice as a result of the payment, the order is not recorded in the accounts, the object is not removed from the sale and the order is not visible to the customer, with the unfortunate result that we not only have to ask the customer about the address shipping and the item purchased, but the customer himself is seen to climb money from the current account without having any order in his hands. I confirm that the other payment methods did not give us any problems.

  1. Do you mean the search feature on your own server? Cloudflare doesn’t arbitrarily add any response time/load time to requests, so the probably is likely the fault of your own server’s processing power.
  2. Cloudflare is a reverse proxy, so you need to make sure you restore visitor IP addresses so that your payment processor gets the correct IP address of the consumer. Without doing this, your payment processor will likely break since it thinks Cloudflare IP is making the purchase, and they probably have blacklisted CF IPs to prevent fraud.

I face this problems when i send my site here … before this problems wasn’t.

I have changed the changes about the Restoring Visitors IP. But still the visitors can’t make any order.

“when a user makes a payment with the form CARD SI, then bank form, send the payment but the magento does not receive the purchase information, so it is not scaled the product from the inventory registered information of the purchase, Icharta only knows that someone has sent him money for a product but in Magento nothing is recorded, so the problem is when confirmation is received by the form after payment does not resist the information about payment on magento.”

Any suggestion about where we can focus to solve the issue…because before we out the site in cloud flare it works normal.

Thank for your time.

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