Problem with other NS record for subdomain


I have a problem with settings NS record for subdomain.

For example: it’s ok. Record A to IP address (i haven’t problems) - i need set four NS record to subdomain

(I changed the records on the screen to - in setting i have other domain:P)

When I set NS record to (a few days ago)

But I see this in DNS checker… What am I doing wrong? Should I set up NS records for a subdomain other than Cloudflare? I added the settings a few days ago.


“offer” will be delegated to these four nameservers in that case. Are they properly configured for it? You won’t be using Cloudflare in this case, you are aware of that?

What’s the domain?

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Thank you for answer:)

I have two domains:

  • (it’s ok)

    I need set 4 NS records.
    Yes, I know that subdomain won’t using cloudflare:) I need redirect to other NS record.

But i see this in DNS Checker. In Dig (DNS lookup) same

The delegation itself is in place (haven’t checked DNSSEC, that’s also something)

nslookup -type=ns

Address:    nameserver =    nameserver =    nameserver =    nameserver =

But - as I mentioned earlier - the nameservers itself do not respond for that domain. You need to configure them properly.


Thank you for your help and learning nslookup;)

So on the side of Cloudflare all it’s ok, settings are ok.

But nameservers ( not set to domain

More one thank you for helping.

I haven’t access to this nameservers (other service, other people configure this). They said me that I wrong configure NS records:)



They are wrong I am afraid :slight_smile:.

nslookup -type=soa
Server:  UnKnown

*** UnKnown can't find Query refused

Unless, of course, you configured the wrong nameservers. Maybe double check that too.

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Heh. I have now double-checked again:)

Thank you, I’ll try to close the topic:)

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