Problem with open ticket

Hi, I opened a support ticket and received an email a few days ago. But everytime I click on the link in the email I get a 404 page. Any idea on waht’s going on?

Your tickets should all be listed at

Thanks Sandro, unfortunately, I get the 404 screen. At the bottom it indicates that I must validate my email (which I did when I opened my account as far as I remember). But there are no further instructions on how to.

You get a 404 when opening the link I posted?

In that case I’d really assume this is because your address is not active yet. Maybe try resetting the password. If that does not work, can you try another email address instead? If not, only support can fix that but you’d need to contact them via email in this case -> [email protected]

It does open that page with the link you gave me, as well as the one in the email. Will try the reset password route or else the email one. Regards.

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