Problem with one IP

Hi all i need help for one problem that i having. by 3 days one IP → its blocked continuously every 2 minutes by cloudflare, but despite this my site is having problems because every 15 or 20 minutes the appearance of my site changes. The background color disappears and the writings are all centered and if I reload the page I get a full screen white page with writing.
“Please wait your request will be verified!” as screenshot below


I already blocked this IP in Cpanel of my site, blocked in cloudflare but continuing trying access in my site and all this create problem. Somebody have one solution?

This is not a Cloudflare message and therefore must be sent from the origin. Since we don’t know anything about your page, further investigation is nearly impossible.

Please tell us your:

  • domain
  • application

so we can debug this more

2 Likes and i having this issues using TOR Browser

here the amount of trying accessing by this IP by 3 days…continuing every 2 minute

Ok lets first break this thread down into it’s two problems:

  1. IP Problem
    As you can see here this is NOT a TOR IP. It actually is a VPN connection from PIA (“Private Internet Access”). This person is getting blocked. I actually dont understand the problem. Do you want him to be able to access your website or do you want him to be blocked. Anyway he does have to right to call your page, and you have the right to block him. But I dont see anyx problem here.

  2. Problem with the status

This again is no Cloudflare message, but by calling your page I also could not reproduce it. Since the screenshot is not very high res, I would be very interesting in what this text was:

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That’s good protection against some bad guys out there.

Any Firewall like Imunify360 installed on a cPanel hosting?

From your screenshot above, if you check your Firewall Rules you should determine why your IP is being blocked (country blocking or something else like T1).
You can share a screenshot/expression of your Firewall Rules, if so.

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PS. I use TOR.

The problem is that from the day that this IP trying to access my site and cloudflare blocking it, my site having a lot of problem as blank white page with message that i wrote above or the background dont show or title of my site go centered. A lot of problems may be caused from cloudflare that trying every minute to block this access.
3 Days this IP trying to access and 3 days my site having problems in template, which messages that request must be verified etc.
I dont know how solve this problem and if this continuous action of cloudflare could create my problems.

When making changes in your HTML, CSS and/or JavaScript?

How about the Rocket Loader option from Cloudflare dashboard?

Have you tried using different Web browser?

i blocked Estonia country from my cloudflare because i need block this country and this IP for combination is from this country.

here another screenshots

after i stay in my homepage 10 or 15 minutes the homepage change and show in that way:

and when i trying to RELOAD page for have correct template appear this

All this happening by last 3 days as the continuous accessing to my site are started to be blocked.

I am afraid these are the issues from your end.

It’s working fine from my end (including AdBlock/AdGuard extensions) - using Firefox.

Check your privacy settings too and if JavaScript is enabled at your Web browser?

Nevertheless, try clearing your Web browser cookies/cache if that helps a bit.

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yes i tried to use FIREFOX with VPN problem appear.
I have another 2 site identical with same template, same DB also with cloudflare but the others 2 sites not have this problem. I think the problem its caused from the continuous action of cloudflare trying to block this IP accessing.
Could be possible this?

You can block a country, but also allow one or more IP addresses from the same country (your own to access your Website normally).

Me too i have your same page…the problem is that the page you are viewing after several minutes CHANGE aspect and begin as the page i posted above.

If you use TOR, then ofc Cloudflare will block or at least challenge you. If you are the owner, just turn off the firewall, or create a Whitelist for TOR browsers, if thats what you like… I would not recommend it but that would help.

Can you please answer @fritex’s question?

The instance where you are challenged is not at Cloudflare, it is on your side, server or application level.

No, this is not possible, since it’s not Cloudflare blocking you. You can access the site and then you are challenged with some weird other stuff behind Cloudflare on your own server/application

Please open your Dev-Console and reproduce the problem, the screenshot the console and show us the errors.

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Working fine even from a Tor Web browser (Firefox) at my end (dual screen, right monitor is TOR):

Please how i can do it, help me

Also i will check about your suggestion of IMMUNIFY360

Make sure you at the end select “Allow”. Since then all TOR IPs will not be challenged by Cloudflare, but as I said, this is not the problem here. Cloudflare’s JS challenge pages look completely different.
Please also note that a T1 rule is not a guarantee for a 100% T1 detection as IPs within the TOR network will change frequently.

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Also ask your hosting provider if your IP is blocked somewhere at their end (if hosting provider has got a feature like WHMCS usually has got the abillity to unblock your IP).

Also check the ModSecurity at cPanel - try disabling it, if so.

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Your topic screenshot very similar to this one here:

Check four a Railgun option and disable it.

Nevertheless, contact your hosting provider about it too.

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Thx for all suggestion now i will try