Problem with nameservers

have very strange problem added my homepage to cloudflare but changed back to my webhotel nameservers and now will nothing working, worked short time.
how long time takes to change nameservers.
try connect but nothing happen could not ping too, is that for changed back to my webhotels nameserver to fast is that rigth.

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Your domain currently does not point to Cloudflare. Cloudflare does not even seem to know about your domain, respectively hasnt verified it yet. You need to change the nameservers and make sure Cloudflare validated that.

have changed back to cloudflares nameserver will that take from 1 hour to 24 hours well

Changing nameservers can always take quite some time as that can be cached. I’d advise against changing them constantly. Change them now to Cloudflare and take it from there.

yes have changed for 5 minutes ago and wait some hours to, for when tryed ping my domainname could not do that is that for changed to fast nameservers.

In the mean time you can make sure your DNS records on Cloudflare match your original DNS records.

Whois already reflects the change, DNS not yet however. That might take some time.

Also, click the re-check DNS button on Cloudflare, so that Cloudflare verifies your nameservers.

yes checked with my webhotels dns records they ar correct not changed nothing in my webhotels dns management.
I have not patience some times

Patience is key with DNS :wink:

All right, if your DNS records are correct you just need to wait until DNS propagates and updates. Again, click the re-check button to speed up the validation process.

yes understand that now but have dyslexia and autims and they have disabilities is patience bad some times. thanks to little help of course

:wink: Thats the beauty of IT systems, they dont discriminate :slight_smile: they make everyone wait :slight_smile:

Right now your domain still points to your original nameservers. Considering whois already shows the Cloudflare nameservers I’d expect DNS to update within the next one or two hours as well.

wil to wait, think do another for calm down my patinces

I check on my cloudflare dns management proxy status have dns only but was before proxied what is normaly there

Your domain now points to Cloudflare and it seems to have validated as well.

As for proxying, you dont just want to use Cloudflare for DNS but also the proxies, right? In that case you’d need to switch the applicable web records to :orange:.

but cant reach my website here yet is dns from my webhotel is not complete with cloudflare

You only have a record for “www” and that one is not proxied. If you want your naked domain to be reachable as well you’ll need to set up that record too. Thats the issue I addressed earlier at Problem with nameservers.

Please check out #Tutorials, most of these questions are covered there.

should set up that www an proxied too

Presumably yes. If you want your site proxied you need to set everything web related to :orange:. Non-web related records need to stay :grey:.

have an mx but that use an greay icon

MX is not web related and should stay :grey:

At this point I’d really refer to #Tutorials and as these cover most of the questions.