Problem with nameserver and mx record

I need to connect a web host to couldflare but I can’t change the name server, there isn’t the possibility to change them. Why? What can I do?
I have also a problem with the mx record. It as a symbol of something wrong but I can’t understand how to change it. I don’t have an email of the website, I have only a simple
Maybe this is the problem why I can’t change the nameserver?
I don’t know how to solve these two problems. I’m not an expert, so if it’s possible please I need clear and easy information, sorry.


Thanks, but I have already read it, Cloudflare is already my registar.
I should connect a web host to cloudflare because with cloudflare I can’t change the graphic aspect of my website. That’s the problem with the nameserver. The web host asks to change the nameserver of Cloudflare, but I can’t find any bottoms to change it for example.
I only have a sentence about controlling dns (and the problem is mx record)

If the domain doesn’t have email, then you don’t need an MX record.

As for the name server, Cloudflare Registrar doesn’t let you change name servers, as outlined in Terms of Service 7.2.

Ok, thanks. Now it is clear.
So, can I connect in some ways my domain to a web host? Because I can’t understand how to modify the look of my website on the contrary and the web host that I am using asks me to change nameservers.
I am confused, sorry.

If the registration is over 60 days old, you can transfer to a different registrar.

The other option is to have your host tell you all the DNS records you need to add here.

Unfortunately I did this only few weeks ago. I will try to change manually the records and if I can’t solve, I will change registrar. Thank you

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I’ve yet to use a host that wouldn’t let me use the name servers of my choice.

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Hi @marcosecchidsn79, wix & cloudflare has been discussed a number of times here, I’ve seen some posts saying they work together, but most posts talk about wix not supporting third-party name servers.

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Hey guys!

So I initially had my domain registered with SquareSpace; the website is now down and i have my domain registered with here on CloudFlare. However, somehow my site nameserver is still linked to Squarespace and so I’m running into hurdles with viewing my website. I’ve provided a screenshot below. Any advice on how to resolve this?



You can’t have your domain registered at Cloudflare. Cloudflare registrar doesn’t handle .co domains.

Bummer. Thanks!