Problem with my websites

Hello Cloudflare community i want to ask something from yesterday i have an error with my 2 websites
my origin server is up and running without problems but in Cloudflare cant access the 2 websites when they use other dns like or some other isp in my country some photos for proof what i mean
the problem is because i use freenom and free domain? 2-3 months now was ok but i see that now
something from outage? i really dont know sorry for my english so bad (i dont know in what thread i have to post that so i post it on general) in betteruptime i see dns lookup DNS lookup failure

You have the right encryption mode, but that’s not an SSL issue to begin with, rather a DNS one. Did you check DNSSEC?

What’s the domain?

Also, there are some general issues with Freenom-registered domains today, but that’s registry related. You’d need to contact the registrar or the registry.

thanks so much i see is from freenom and i cant do anything maybe is time to move to another domain

Freenom is generally not exactly the most reliable registry. Getting a “real” (=paid) domain is usually a better idea. Just avoid registrars such as Godaddy or Namecheap :slight_smile:

what companies do you suggest? i thing ovh or something else

Mostly depends on the TLD.

I found this problem as well. It just happened 8 hours ago, still not fixed.

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