Problem with my SSL

Hello, a lot of people from Spain is telling me that they can’t access my website.

This is the message:

The message says: “Connection is not private”

I use Cloudflare ssl Flexible.

And I’ve checked on SSL tester and this is the result:

Can someone help me, please?


That is an issue and drops all security from your site. You need to change that to “Full Strict”.

The site itself seems to be properly configured however, so it should load just fine after you set “Full Strict”.

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Hello! Sandro! Thanks for your answer!

I have no access to my server right now to do that. Also I don’t know how to use SSH, etc, to config that.

Do you think that flexible ssl doesn’t work?

I am using FULL ssl now, not FULL(strict). Is it ok?



No, as already mentioned Flexible will actually drop all security from your site.

Set it to Full Strict and it should work.

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