Problem with my contact form

Hi my friends,
I can send and receive emails. On my site, I have a contact form and when prospects register they receive an answer through my autoresponder. But since I linked my domain name to CloudFlare it doesn’t work. However, I can send and receive emails.
Thank you for helping me!

Going to need a bit of info regarding how the form works… is it doing a POST to a target URL?

Unrelated but a quick look at your DNS entries indicates you have a few other issues - not sure you should have quotes around you SPF and DKIM record values (at least none of mine do) and whilst ‘’ is a perfectly valid CNAME it’s unusual and might not be what was wanted.

That aside - we need info on how your form works and email gets sent to troubleshoot the email issue.

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Thank you for your answer. I removed the quotation marks.
I am French. I’m trying to translate. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.

What corrections should I make to the DNS?

I’m going to recheck the configuration of my auto-responder.

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