Problem with MX records - GSUITE


I’m sending an attached image with my DNS notes.

I contact Google and they write these words:

“To recap the MX records are correct, they have been used for several days and the cloudflare servers are still un propagated, something wrong with them persists. They may have solved this situation.”

And yet, i cannot receive emails on my gsuite gmail account.

Can someone help me please!?


On that same DNS page, does it say that your Cloudflare name servers are gerald and lara?




I’m out of ideas. Digging at gerald and lara doesn’t return MX records. And I don’t see any DNS issues listed. Maybe @cs-cf will see this, but I suggest you open a ticket:

Login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support by clicking on the Get More Help button.

You have an invalid Mx record which is breaking our ability to parse/return the records. Last one in your list (not in the screenshot above) has a value the same as your verification txt record (google-site-verification=7p_cgg-m4_p_rpbyujxuli8joscsaymfyegfkukpqia). Delete that Mx record and it should begin working.


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