Problem with mod_rewrite when SSL turned on

Hi, I have problem, when i try to install one thing on my website, it shows 'MOD_REWRITE REQUIRED" even though it’s turned on.

Here is the screenshot:

But the problem is, that when i access my site by IP adress, not DNS, it works normally, and it shows that MOD_REWRITE is working normally.


Thanks for your help :slight_smile: Have a nice day!

Clearly, it’s incorrect, so I don’t know how it’s determining that. What if you set your hostname to :grey: while you do the installation, then back to :orange: when it’s done?

Well we could just install it without using our domain, just with the IP adress, but after the installation it’s not working again on the domain, so we can’t just od it like that, cause it won’t work after we turn it on again.