Problem with mobile version

Hello, I have a problem after connecting CDN on my web-site ( in mobile version.
I think css/js files don’t loading, how I can fixed thith problem?

Looks fine to me and everything is loading

If you scroll site, you will see the problem

I just scrolled and it still looks good.

My host provider tell problem with

can you give a screenshot second part of site (after first screen)

That message would indicate you misconfigured your site setup somewhere and specified the nameservers as CDN servers. You must not do that but specify your own domain instead.

Do not enter anywhere “nile.ns”, except as your domain’s nameservers.

But to connect CDN I must change ns data, write?

First, Cloudflare is not a CDN. Second, this

Wherever you configured that, you need to specify your own domain.

When I connected Cloudflare, I must connected this NS to my domain
and after that i have a problem

Yes, these are the nameservers and these you need to set, as I said, as your nameservers but not as anything else and you seem to have set them also somewhere in your Wordpress setup.

Go through your Wordpress configuration and remove aforementioned hostname wherever you find it. It is a name, not a web server.

Though, to be fair, as mentioned before your site appears to load fine and there does not seem to be anywhere a reference to that hostname, so I am not sure what your host was trying to say in the first place.

Yeap, I connect CDN configure in plugin WP Rocket, but them dont need configure if I used Cloudflare.
I disconnected configure in plugin, but nothing not changed. It’s problem only on mobile version, in desktop everything nice

It loads fine on mobile too and there isnt reference to that hostname either. If you can reproduce the hostname issue, you need to check your Wordpress configuration in the way I described earlier.

Otherwise, if that is not the issue, you would need to elaborate on what the issue is.

But again, your site appears to load fine.

Yeap loading fast, but not correct front-end view
and dont work mobile-menu

That is a site issue though and not related to Cloudflare.

You need to contact your web developer about that.

Its problem with js/css not backend bag

I am sorry but we are jumping here from issue from issue. First you said the site didnt load, which it does. Then you referred to an incorrect Wordpress setup, which does not seem to be the case either. And then you said the menu does not properly work, which does seem to be the case but that is a question for your developer, not Cloudflare I am afraid.

Hello, I have a problem after connecting CDN on my web-site ( in mobile version.
I think css/js files don’t loading, how I can fixed thith problem?

im write about problem with mobile version, and this problem start after connecting to Cloudflare

Well, you still havent said what the exact issue is.

Post the exact URL which does not load in your opinion.

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