Problem with mailbox - mails not delivered - DNS setting


I have a domain registered at OVH and set up in Cloudflare . I wanted to create an e-mail address for the domain ([email protected] pl) and used Zoho for this.

While setting everything up in OVH website I set MX records as advised by the Zoho tutorial:

  • MX: mx. zoho. com (priority:10)
  • MX: mx2.zoho. com (priority: 20)
  • MX: mx3.zoho. com (priority: 50)

(there are no other MX records)

The result was the following: I could send e-mails from the new e-mail address but none would be received. I contacted Zoho support and they told me the settings need to be verified at Cloudflare.

So I went to the Cloudflare and set the same MX files (now I have them set up on the same way in both - OVH and Cloudflare ).

Unfortunately nothing changed - no mails are being received. I was advised by Zoho the following : “We still do not find any records on MX look up. Please contact your DNS provider (Cloudflare )”.

Any ideas what could be wrong? Many thanks!

Can you post a screenshot of your MX settings? There dont seem to be any MX records right now.

Sure, here:

Your MX records should all be for in the first column. The “mail handled” part is fine.

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