Problem with mail routing with Cloudflare

I have the following problem regarding to the new Email routing feature of CloudFlare, now I understand that with this feature, a user can rout all incoming Emails sent to user’s domain name Email (e.g. to a selected user personal Email such as Gmail, Hotmail or others.

And for the Email routing to function properly, the user must delete the original domain MX and SPF records given by his domain hosting provider (e.g. the MX record: “” and the hosting provider SPF record) and replace them with new MX & SPF records given by CloudFlare (e.g. the MX record: “” and CloudFlare SPF record).

But how about the outgoing Emails that the user want to send from his domain name Email using any Email client such as Outlook or TB, how to rout the outgoing Emails, e.g. a user want to send Emails from his “[email protected]” , how the user can send Emails using the Email routing feature?!

What is the configuration the user need to use with his Email client ( the Email username, password, pop3 & SMTP servers, incoming & outgoing ports values , SSL/TLS connection) ?!

Please help clarify how this would work with CloudFlare Email routing feature?

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Cloudflare doesn’t route outbound email. You would have to find a mail host that would let you do that for you. They generally require some sort of verification that you’re allowed to send from that domain, typically by having them send you a verification email to the email address you want to send from.

Hello sdayman and thanks for your reply,

If Cloudflare doesn’t route outbound email, then what’s the use of this Email routing feature of CloudFlare ?!

I don’t see any value for this feature from CloudFlare as any user who has Email hosting service can rout all his incoming Emails to any other selected Email directly from his Email hosting settings without the need for CloudFlare.

When you register a domain you don’t get emails yet. So this service is perfect to start getting emails until you need to buy a service for your domain. You can send by using the free tier from a service like SendinBlue.

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