Problem with login from Iran

It is about one month more or less that I have problem in log in to CloudFlare account. there are many sanctions against Iran from many websites. But I haven’t seen problem from CloudFlare before.
It is a bit strange that the CloudFlare is one of the fastest CDNs, but the login functionality doesn’t work recently.
Whenever I log in, I see many errors while doing configurations for example on DNS.

Is there any restrictions done from CouldFlare or it is form Iran’s network?
I think it is hard to filter specific functionalities on an ssl protected websites from local network but it’s possible.

Would you mind check this and help?

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Once you have an HTTPS connection to Cloudflare, there shouldn’t be any issues because it should behave like an encrypted tunnel…unless your ISP is corrupting your communication with Cloudflare.

What errors are you seeing?

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At first the login page doesn’t show at all. I have logged in using proxy tunnel.
Today Shatel ISP has talk to me. They offered to change the DNS.
Previously I used DNS over HTTPS and used Cloudflare and disabled it. And so I could open the

Now again changed back to secure DNS on Cloudflare (From firefox settings) and couldn’t open the dashboard again with the following timeout error:

An error occurred during a connection to PR_IO_TIMEOUT_ERROR

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