Problem with loading time when using cloudflare (almost 10x slower site)


We have serveral websites behind cloudflare, and for a week, there are big problems with the cloudflare integrations, the loading time is very very slow, as the title says up to 10x slower, there are moments when the sites works almost as normal bun than its bad again.

We moved several websites and put them on directly not on cloudflare, and after that, they work instantly so we are pretty sure the problem is cloudflare.

A website using cloudflare that loads very slow is, anyone else has had this problem? How can i get support regarding this issue.

thank you!

Actually loads fine more me, less than two seconds

This is without the embedded Facebook resources (which were not loaded in the screenshot above), which appear to increase the loading time somwhat but thats a different issue.

That probably depends on there area where you are situated.
In Romania, the timing is very different:

Your screenshot shows the same site, but completely different resources. None of the scripts in your screenshot is loaded here. There are five scripts overall and only two actually from your domain. Furthermore most resources in your screenshot came from the browser cache.

This is most likely an issue with your server and not Cloudflare. I’d suggest you pause Cloudflare (bottom right on the Overview screen) and check again. If it still loads slowly it is an issue with your server.

Thank you for the answer, if i disable cloudflare proxied from DNS, the server runs smoothly. The scripts/resources were not what i was trying to show, but the total loading time for the same site.

Also, on a different server, same problem, if i disable cloudflare everything works correctly, i am pretty sure Cloudflare is the culprit, but i do not know the exact reason, i have another friend with an wordpress site that loads the same ( with problems), if the activates development mode it works correctly, if he enables it, it loads slowly again, the servers and unrelated to mine.

The issue does not appear to be related to your site nor to Cloudflare but rather to the resources you are loding from

Your site does load within about two seconds, but the entire loading time can be higher because aforementioned site takes quite some time to return content. You’d need to check that with that host.

This was loading your site directly from your server, bypassing Cloudflare.


Its rather unlikely, if you check a static resource that loads slowly from the mentioned `, open it individually, you will see the resources load extremely fast, the cdn was the first thing we suspected but that was not the problem

Here is another example: ( its on cloudflare with proxied disabled ), its on the same server with ( which is proxied by cloudflare ).

The only things that makes sence, the only thing that the have in common, is that the load very slow proxied, and when proxied from cloudflare is disabled, they load extremely fast.

It is not quite clear what slows down the page load in your case, however as you can see from my last screenshot your site takes 17 seconds to load, when going directly to your server and there is no proxy involved.

I am not certain how you do the testing, we have around 200 sites, on more servers, i am 100% certain that if i disable proxied on a website, everything loads fast.

As I said, the previous request was not going via Cloudflare but straight to your server and took overall 17 seconds to load everything. The site itself (without aforementioned external resources) was still loaded within ~2 seconds.

I understand what you said in the previous request, what I am trying to say is that the problem is harder to replicate than it looks, but it’s there.
This is how it loads for most Romanian users, and with cloudflare disabled it loads fast, I am only asking to try and believe there is an issue. yestarday it was the same, until 5AM, and this morning it was the same. the servers are very strong so thtat cannot be an issue.

I understand that, but as I said earlier I doubt this is Cloudflare related. a) the site itself loads relatively fast, be it directly be it via the proxy and b) these additional resources which eventually take the site up to 17 seconds are also loaded in both cases.

In short, I am afraid I cannot reproduce a longer loading time via Cloudflare than when compared to direct requests.

I might have been wrong with my earlier statement regarding Even though I just had a page load where several resources from that host timed out and didnt load, it now seems it is not necessarily that host. What seems to take consistently 17 seconds is the image at, which seems to be loaded via JavaScript.

At this point I would suggest you look into your JavaScript code, whether it might load images in a delayed fashion.

But if you insist on Cloudflare being involved, please point out which resources it is that take longer to load via Cloudflare.

Additionally, please post a screenshot of a complete request waterfall. for example takes fives seconds (it does not seem to wait the 17 seconds for the other image to load) and it only takes that long because the Facebook resources take about half that time.

I understand its tricky to point out, but i must say again, same resources, same files, same plugins are on a server that works well without cloudflare.

The problem is related to peering i think, as only for Romania happens, if i open the site with tor browser, it loads ok, must faster than on normal browser, i have tested on multiple desktops, multiple mobile devices on 4G, clients have complained, so it cannot be local network issue.

Most speed test tools show a decent speed because they do not have this problem, probably because they are not testing from Romania.

The exact effect is, it shows a blank screen until it loads everything (even the static resources), after the long period of time and the elements are loaded, the html dom is painted. its does not show/generate the html, and that loads images, execute / download the js in the footer.

If you say it is Romania-only, your best bet will be to open a support ticket.

Thank you, that is what i will do.
as a mention, now it work good again:

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