Problem with loading CSS style after moving on another hosting + CloudFlare


My previous hosting is tell me that I have DDoS attack and I need to move from his hosting or buy VPS.
I’m decide to transfer web site to another hosting and add Cloudflare on my web site.

Now I have problems with loading CSS style on my page.

SS of my page: Screenshot by Lightshot

But it’s not every time,sometime it load good:

So what Can be reason?

My Cloudflare DNS settings: Screenshot by Lightshot
My hosting DNS: Screenshot by Lightshot

Marked from previous image,I can’t add because I get error: DNS Validation Error (Code: 1004) Content for CNAME record is invalid

Thank you
(Sorry for my English)

Hi @jurekvesic98,

Take a look at this CommunityTip on Error 503:

There is also a Support page related to 5xx errors:

I hope it helps!

I think this will help.I don’t think there is problem with my hosting(I’m contact them,I will see)

My site adress when css don’t want to load: Screenshot by Lightshot

When I delete this unknown characteres( after index.php)

Page work good!

So,why I get this unknown characters,how to avoid it…It’s appear after transfering to new hosting,so I think there can be problem with my DNS Settings on Cloudflare?

That’s not exactly clear to me, but it seems to be a problem on your end, not Cloudflare.

When I acces to my Web Site direct,without Cloudflare I don’t have any problems

I’m test it with

This can’t be problem?: Screenshot by Lightshot (marked I can’t add to my Cloudflare)

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