Problem with launching site on new host

Hi, we’re having difficulty launching a new site on Kinsta, which uses Cloudflare CDN.

The domain ‘’ was previously hosted elsewhere, apparently using Cloudflare, but that was handled by another company, and we don’t have access to any of the previous Cloudflare configuration.

I’ve got the new site ready on the Kinsta server and have updated the DNS records to point to that server. One url, is resolving correctly and showing the new site (currently just a holding page). However the version with ‘www’ is still showing content from the old site. I’ve checked that both versions are pointing to right IP address.

After speaking with Kinsta support, we think that the previous Cloudflare config is still routing to the old site, but Kinsta are not able to change this and say we need to contact Cloudflare directly.

Is this the best way to do that? What do we need to do to establish that we/our client own the domain?


Any thoughts on this anyone?
I submitted a support ticket (no 2408758) and got a response saying “This is a known issue and we can help you here” - which sounds promising.
They asked me to add a TXT record to verify the domain, which I’ve done.
All has gone silent now, and I haven’t heard any more from Cloudflare for over 4 days! Is that a normal time to wait for a response to support requests?
I’m getting pretty desperate here - we had hoped to launch this site last Wednesday, and it seems impossible to find a way of getting a resolution!

  • Chris

I finally got a response from Cloudflare support and they have fixed the issue.
I’m pretty unhappy with how long this all took and how hard it is to communicate!

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