Problem with integrating (configure the plugin in my Nuxt.js application)

(Note: I replaced all the "@"s with “*” because cloudflare won’t let me use the former as a new user lol)

I was going through this tutotial from the Cloudflare docs.

I’m at a stage where it says

After your Nuxt.js application is set up, add Sanity’s *sanity/nuxt plugin to your Nuxt project:

Adding *nuxt/sanity

> ```
> $ yarn add *nuxtjs/sanity *sanity/client
> ```

In the previous step, I used “npm run dev” not “yarn dev”, but I decided to go through “yarn add *nuxtjs/sanity *sanity/client” anyway and the result looks fine:

yarn add v1.22.17
warning ../package.json: No license field
[1/4] 🔍  Resolving packages...
[2/4] 🚚  Fetching packages...
[3/4] 🔗  Linking dependencies...
warning " > html-loader*3.0.1" has unmet peer dependency "webpack*^5.0.0".
warning " > *nuxtjs/sanity*0.10.0" has unmet peer dependency "chalk*^3.0.0".
warning " > *nuxtjs/sanity*0.10.0" has unmet peer dependency "consola*^2.15.0".
[4/4] 🔨  Building fresh packages...
success Saved 2 new dependencies.
info Direct dependencies
├─ *nuxtjs/sanity*0.10.0
└─ *sanity/client*2.23.2
info All dependencies
├─ *nuxtjs/sanity*0.10.0
└─ *sanity/client*2.23.2
✨  Done in 1.30s.

But then, to configure the plugin in my Nuxt.js application, I executed this command “cp …/my-sanity-project/sanity.json .” where I changed “my-sanity-project” to my own project name “newblog” and got this result:

cp: ../newblog/sanity.json: No such file or directory

What could be the problem? Thank you so much!