Problem with input login in my forum/site

I use a vbulletin 4.2.5 forum and I have seen that, once activated Cloudflare, the main field for login does not work for me. This is the input username and input password.
The correct way is that, when I place mouse in one of the two, the user and password disappear for me to enter my username and password.
When I have Cloudflare activated, the user and password does not disappear (only says: “User” and “Password”).
The “worst” is that, when I go to the password field and write my password it is visible (it is normal to appear with the symbol *).
Despite entering the correct data, it tells me incorrect username and password, on the next page, which allows me to enter them again, it works fine. But most of my users do not realize it and they report it to me as an error.
If I deactivate or pause cloduflare, everything works fine, I do not have this problem.

I have taken many turns and searched, but I am not able to find the solution.

Thanks in advance.

For starter go to your Cloudflare account and purge cache.

Thaks Xaq,
I purge cache but not work, not solved the issue. I wait 30 seconds, and 60 seconds…
I have seen that, sometimes, intermittently (without cleaning cache or I do anything) it works well, but I have not managed to find either the how or the when or why …
I just know that if I put on pause cloduflare, it always works fine.

Then something is wrong with your Cloudflare configurations. Do you have any page rules or anything added to default settings?

I think the same but…its very strange.
It only happens on the home page, when it tells me the wrong username and password (and the password is shown) on the new page, which also allows me to enter username and password but the fields are different, it works well for me.

It is clear that if I pause Cloudlare and it works, it is because of some configuration of Cloudflare.

Yes, in rules I have one, but I have tried to deactivate it and the problem persists, the rule is this:*
Cache Lever: Bypass
Like indicate, if deactivate this rule, the problem persists.

I don’t have anything added to default settings.

I don’ know if deleted my Cloudflare account and create again…

I review all config, I don’t view any strange…

Thanks and regards.

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Can you share domain name?

Thanks Xaq for your help.

When solved the issue, edit post and my domain.

The domain is: mydomain


Edited for edit domain

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Your website is vulnerable and produces many errors (check browser dev tools, console and network tabs). Latest vBulletin is 5.5.2 while you are using 4.2.5.
I could not figure out how when bypassing Cloudflare it works without problem (I just was able to test proxied one).
Are you using any Cloudflare app?

Yes, I know that, my site is vb 4.2.5 and the latest is 5.5.2, but I don’t want upgraded to latest version and others sites also, are in vb 4.2.5.

Yes, its very very strange when bypassing Cloudflare works perfect, and when use Cloudflare I have this problem.

No, I don’t use any Cloudflare app.


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