Problem with https without www

Hello Community , i have a question , Why my website does not work without www when use https , my website work only if use www like : without www like : does not work :-?

Any soluțions?

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Assuming your server IP address ends in 184 it would appear as if your server simply is not online.

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@sandro, yes, my server didn’t was online when you tried to check my website or whatever. But now is online if you want to check or help me :smiley: , and my error without www it’s ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR

For starters, your server configuration is not configured for HTTPS. It does listen on the HTTPS port however only returns plain HTTP. You need to fix that and configure HTTPS properly along with a valid certificate.

@sandro, if you check my website with, my website work’s really fine on every page, etc. and my certificate it’s valide (it is from cloudlfare) but without www it’ s a problem

No, the HTTPS you believe to work is not your server’s, but Cloudflare’s. You need to fix the SSL issue on your server first.

You can easily check that yourself. Go to and first type https://YOUR-IP-ADDRESS, which will fail. Then run a second check with http://YOUR-IP-ADDRESS:443 which will work. It should be exactly the opposite.

@sandro, mmhm, in this case what i need to do? btw, i use apache24 on FreeBSD 11.

i understand that, but how can i generate a certiface from Cloudflare to put on my webserver?
Sorry for many questions, but i did not work from long time with webservers

Just pick any publicly valid certificate you like (e.g. Lets Encrypt) or have an origin certificate issued by Cloudflare in the dashboard under Crypto.

i generate a private key and certificate, i put on my webserver, and now that s my new problem " NET::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID "

You probably need the appropriate Cloudflare root certificates to be able to import the certificate. Search engine of your choice should quickly return that.

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