Problem with HTTP2 Server Push


Im Trying To use HTTP2 Server Push through Cloudflare Plugin in wordpress the problem is That i Minify My css js and Html Locally Through a Plugin But the problem is that Cloudflare Server Push load All unoptimized Css and Js File in Website
The Problem when They already Have been loaded Through my plugin Optimize there is no use of loading unoptimized file it Stupidity
How can i Tell Cloudflare what things to add support to server Push
Im Using autoptimize plugin for Optimizing my Css Js and Html


It sounds like the Push plugin isn’t aware of what the Optimize plugin is doing, which isn’t surprising.

You can manually add a Push header in your functions.php file.

//Server Push background image
is_admin() || add_action('send_headers', function(){ 
    header('Link: </wp-content/themes/theme/style.css>; rel=preload; as=style'); 
}, 1);


Thanks That what i needed