Problem with how the site apears and with SSL after moving to Cloudflare

Hi everyone, I just changed my DNS to Cloudflare so i can use W3 Totla Cache for wordpress website. I have 2 problems. The first one is that the SSL i had (from not working. Some times my page seems ok, but checking in mobile and in another computer, it says not secure. (and sometimes throws error 502).

The second problem is that seems not loading CSS or probably some code, as the page not look as it has, but showing links (instead of buttons), not in an order etc.

As i m new in wordpress can anyone help me a little?

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Is your domain?

Sorry my fault, is my hosting provider. The website is

That looks good. Go into the Cloudflare Dashboard for SSL/TLS -> Edge Certificates and enable Always Use HTTPS. That should finish it up. MORE: Also on that page, scroll down and enable “Automatic HTTPS Rewrites”. That might help with the other problem.

Well to be honest i think that the problem is with the change of dns, probably needs time. Now i get sometimes error 502, but in both computers and in 4 browsers the SSL seems to work. And the js and css code seems to work. I guess need to wait for some time till everything works smooth. Thank you very muxh for the help and for the VERY fast reply!!!

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