Problem with hostinger nameserver

Hey I bought a domain on GoDaddy and then I pointed my domain’s nameserver to my hostinger account. After that, I used my hostinger account to change the domain’s nameserver to Cloudflare’s nameservers. But it is not working now I am unable to understand whether i need to change the domain’s nameserver from godaddy or hostinger. Please help

You will need to change the domain’s nameservers from your registrar. If you pay GoDaddy for the domain this will be the place to change your name servers. If you pay Hostinger for your domain name you will have to change it there.

suppose i change the nameserver in godaddy will it affect my hosting account

If you also copy the DNS entries then it should not affect the hosting account, depends on if Cloudflare can automatically find these and copy them or if you have to do it by hand.

so what should i do?

The steps basically come down to the following:

  1. Find your current DNS records at GoDaddy
  2. Note these down
  3. Change the nameservers to Cloudflare.
  4. Fill out the noted down DNS records in Cloudflare
  5. Wait up to 24 hours for them to propagate
  6. Should be working now
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