Problem with hosting speed

Hello I am new client and I don’t know anything about Cloudflare yet. I looked for just for super fast hosting and I moved my site from bulgarian hosting company superhosting. I can’t see anything possitive, the site is very slow and results from speed tools are very bad on mobile version. Please recommend me what to do for my site speeds up. Also I paid and something like automatic optimization for 5$ and some plugin. I did’t receive anything for dowloading and I don’t know how to set up correctly settings and optimaze my site. Please help me

What stupid support is that. I paid for nothing 5 $ and my site is slower now. Answer faster… Radicilous

Cloudflare plugin doesn’t work. Please back me moeny. It’s very bad

I’m sick of the frequent mistakes. My site keeps crashing please tell me what the problem is and why the server crashes and the error is at
You. No support and cooperation, I will leave you.