Problem with GTmetrix

Hello, I have this error when I tried to test my website with GTmetrix.
Analysis Error
The page returned an error: 403 Forbidden**
GTmetrix tried to access the page, but your server has denied access. Your server or application may be blocking GTmetrix or it requires a login.
I need help. Thank you

Do you see them being blocked in the firewall activity log?

Yes I see this

Click on that and expand it - is there anything to identify it as GTMetrix, i.e a User-Agent?

The alternative is looking through or parsing GTmetrix Test Server Locations | GTmetrix / GTmetrix Test Servers to add exclusions.

I think no.
Here is screen shot

I’m pretty sure that’s not it. That IP address doesn’t show up on GTMetrix’s server list as posted by @KianNH, and you probably weren’t having it scan /home.

Sorry but how can I fix the problem with GTmetrix

i just checked your host website with GTMetrix and it works without any problems.

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