Problem with google authorization when my login has dot in gmail email username

Using google authorization I have a problem with login, the flow of my problem is:

First step - login page: aaaabbbb[ + correct password

Second step - two-step verification field: I generate in google authorization mobile app code and put into the field and after that Cloudflare is redirect me into login page :confused:

I have login [email protected] on Cloudfare but my google authorization mobile app has [email protected] account name so I think it can be a reason for this loop.

I have change password but as I thought it can’t help in this case :confused:

Dot is not the problem is the same case like this: Lost 2 factor auth and cannot reset via Authy

I don’t think 2FA is dependent upon your email address. I’ve changed my email address here and still use the same 2FA code.

Do you still have backup codes that work? If so, try logging in and disabling 2FA and then set it up again.