Problem with ftp record and Google indexing

Unfortunately google recently indexed instead of, I don’t know why.
I’m trying to investigate but I’m not getting to the bottom of it.

Also I noticed that there is an alert icon on the ftp record but I don’t know what to do, theoretically the record should be fine as is.

I also tried doing a redirect via cloudflare rules but it doesn’t seem to work.

How can I solve my problem?

The alert icon is there because the ftp is not proxied, but points to a record that is. This is just warning you that your server IP address isn’t completely hidden behind Cloudflare.

If you want to redirect ftp, the record needs to be proxied.

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Thank you very much, at least now I was able to do the redirect.

Do you know why google might have decided to index instead of Consider that we never use ftp but manage everything directly via server
Or better yet, could it be something that can be managed on cloudflare or only and exclusively by google tag?

Why that subdomain was chosen, I don’t know.

Just to be clear, the ftp subdomain is redirected because it’s being treated as a web subdomain. You won’t be able to use it for FTP when proxied as Cloudflare can only proxy HTTP traffic. (You say you aren’t using FTP anyway, so it’s ok - just in case anyone else sees the post and misunderstands).


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