Problem with FortiClient when using Cloudflare WARP


I have a problem with VPN on FortiGate when I’m using Cloudflare WARP with ZeroTrust.

  1. When I try to use FortiClient when WARP is already connected it is stuck on 98% and can’t connect.
  2. When I try to use FortiClient when WARP is disconnected and after successful connection with Forti I start WARP, there is a problem that I can’t connect to devices which should work with FortiClient.

The problem is that we work with different clients and some people need connection to our servers (we want to use WARP) and they need connection to our client environment.

Is there anyone who has a similar problem and knows how to resolve it? :wink:

VPN clients in general are not compatible with each other, as they mess with routes in the same network namespace. Just turn off WARP when you’re using FortiClient.

The main problem is that we need to have access to our servers when we work with our clients network. We don’t have problems like that when we use WireGuard VPN, but ZeroTrust is more secure.