Problem with forms

Hello, I have a problem where I’m not receiving any e-mails coming from my “Contact forms 7” nor “WP Forms”.

I can send e-mails properly and receive e-mails sent from anywhere else (like google).

I wonder if I should import more DNS configs that I have from Hostgator cpanel…

I believe it’s a DNS error but I can’t figure it out.

May someone help me, please?

I would expect that you’d use Sendgrid when your forms send mail, and that should work. I use the WP Mail SMTP plugin for this.

Aside from that, you don’t have a ‘mail’ subdomain, which would be set to “DNS-Only” :grey:, as Cloudflare doesn’t proxy email. Your MX record points to, which is set to :orange: (Proxied).

Here’s more information:

I’ve just installed Sendgrid to try as a workaround that problem (It was also happening before and using sandgrid didn’t work as well).

So do you think I should add another register like this:
“MX” “@” “Auto” 0?
Or should i change my current mx?

This. There’s only one mail server, so there should only be one MX record. But you need an “A” record for ‘mail’ that has your server’s IP address.

Note that you’ll get a DNS warning that you have a record that exposes your Origin IP address. This is unavoidable, as you need to expose that IP address for mail to work.

Should it look like this?
I’ll give it a try. Last time I only changed Mx to it stopped receiving e-mails even from traditional ways plus the forms.


I am receiving normal e-mails right now but not from my forms (neither wp or c7)

Your plugin(s) should have some sort of mail test, which you’re probably using, but should provide some debugging.

If they’re using PHP mail(), which is probably the default configuration, that’s not a great option. Sending straight from the server with PHP usually has issues, as it’s really not a great mail handler. That’s why I use the SMTP Plugin. Though I use it with mailgun’s free plan and it works amazingly well.

I’m using WP Mail SMTP and the e-mail test is sending normaly.
The only problem is the forms :frowning:

I’ve sent my cpanel settings (some of them at least)
Is it possible that i should change my cloudflare settings according to this?

Well, that’s a good start. I don’t think I use either of those form plugins any more, so I can’t help troubleshoot why they’re not working. Since the SMTP plugin is working properly, maybe the Plugin forums at Wordpress have some ideas.

Your cPanel DNS is no longer used, so that shouldn’t be an issue.

Alright! Thank you.
Do you mind telling me then how would you setup a form in wordpress so I avoid dealing with this issues?

I believe a way out is to use any mail marketing form, right?

I use Caldera forms (free version), and it’s set to send using WordPress. Combined with the SMTP plugin, it works. Caldera also has a Sendgrid option.

Unfortunately caldera forms is stuck at creating forms, whenever I click on create a form nothing happens. Do you know a workaround or another plugin that worked for you too that may avoid my related issues?

Also, if someone have any tips on how to resolve this in cloudflare I’d appreciate it.
It’s certainly a problem with cloudflare or its integration with smtp mail plugin or forms because I wasn’t getting this issues before I changed my DNS to cloudflare servers.


I just changed wp mail smtp settings to php (I’ve used other smtp and sendgrid before) and now the forms are working.
I don’t know if that helps to understand the problem better, but I would like to still try to change since some say it’s not recommended to set php on wp mail smtp plugin.

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