Problem with firewall rules

Hello, i am new user and i have the following problem:

I am from Greece and i want to block all users from all over the world except Greece and Cyprus.
So i go to firewall rules and i created the following:
( ne “GR” and ne “CY”) then block
After, i tested if i had access to my site from Greece and i had.
After, i used vpn and i tested some countries, it was working perfect (cloudflare blocked me).
When i change country and i selected Cyprus cloudflare blocked me and i didn’t know why. After i checked activity logs and i saw that when i used vpn with Cyprus Ip , cloudflare say that ip was from Netherlands and not from Cyprus. Then i googled it and i found that my ip was from Cyprus.

Any help? I used cyberghost vpn.
Sorry, i don’t speak English very good.

Thank you!!!

If the IP is Dutch the block will certainly fire. Which address was it? Can you post a screenshot of the firewall event log entry in question?

There you go

aut-num:        AS49981
org:            ORG-WA106-RIPE
as-name:        WorldStream
remarks:        Naaldwijk, Netherlands

So the block is correct.

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Why vpn say that it was Ip from Cyprus ? And some sites too?

I found another site that write Netherlands…

A part of that network is assigned to East Cloud, with ‘CY’ as a country name.

inetnum: -
netname:        EastCloud
country:        CY

I am not sure but i could imagine that Cloudflare uses the AS information and it’s maintainer. A ping to this IP shows 8ms which is quite low from DE to CY, (Unless they run an anycast network)

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In conclusion, my rule is right and cloudflare firewall works right too. So i believe that i will haven’t any problem. Thank you!!!

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