Problem with firewall rules woocommerce


we have software that updates the order status after creating the ldv.

I saw that looking in the firewall it is marked with: Verify JS

I created a firewall rule but it doesn’t seem to work.

(I attach two screens)

Can you tell me how to do this? I would like to use User-Agent WooCommerce API.


In your case “allow” won’t just do it, but you’d need to skip “bot fight mode” as this is what blocks the request.

You could try this action

Also, for the IP address you could use “is in” instead of the ORed expression but that’s a bit unrelated. Furthermore the IP address of the request here is not part of your expression, so you might rather want to go by network range or ASN.

You could also whitelist the network or the ASN altogether under IP access rules, that should fix it as well.

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Something of this sort

You can also check for the user agent but the IP address will be more reliable.

If that doesn’t work try IP access rules as mentioned before.

I’ll try what you said.

thank you very much

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