Problem with email- DNS Proxy on A records

When I enable Cloudflare proxy on my A records, I have problems receiving emails from that domain.
This problem started when I changed my VPS server (IP address in my Cloud flare DNS settings).
If I turn off Proxy on my A record (DNS only) and flush DNS on my server, I can receive emails …
Would you please help me with what can cause this problem?

What is the domain?

Typical problems with email happen where you have an MX record that points to an A record that is :orange:. Users can also have problems when they have an incorrectly configured SPF record, such as relying on the a directive to authorise your webserver to directly send email.


Thanks for the replay.
My domain is una. me
I now check my DKIM, SPF, REVERSE DNS (PTR) in Cpanel and add them as TXT to Cloudflare DNS settings.

With the previous VPS server, it was working and now stops and then work for a short period :frowning:

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