Problem with e-mail

Hello all! My problem is, emails don’t come to the mail. I can send them, but they don’t come to me. I contacted the server support and they think the problem is with cloudflare, the MX record is not being advertised correctly.

The problem is not so much with Cloudflare per se nor with an MX record not being announced. But your host is in so far right that you dont have any MX record at all.

Go to your DNS records and add an MX record and point it to the correct hostname which is supposed to receive your emails.


The second MX record is incorrect. You need an A record named “mail” which the points to the right server.

still doesn’t work, I deleted the second MX record

“Doesnt work” is not exactly a very helpful error description :wink:

Your MX setup currently looks okay and mail should be delivered to a server with an address ending in 141. Is that the right address?

It works! Finally, messages come to me! Thanks for the help

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