Problem with domain refference

I want to host website and minecraft game server on one domain without subdomains.
But Im using different servers. For example → IP of Website → IP for minecraft Server.
Currently I am using for website subdomain like and for connecting to game but it is not satisfying for me.
Do you have any idea how to do it?

Hi @orszulak.k,

Assuming you already have the subdomains CNAMEd correctly, depending on your server and hosting, a simple URL Rewriting or URL Forwarding in the Page Rules should do the trick.

For the latter, I usually do the following:* → 301 →$1* → 301 →$1

I mean my game IP is in-game with specified port connecting. with SRV
example: (
and I don’t want use example ip for website, because it’s ip of game hosting
I want to use for my website another ip. but currently it’s running on subdomain, because when I use hosting ip on A record and this IP it makes conflict.
I hope I explained it well.

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