Problem with domain propagation, selective dns resolution

Hello community, I have a problem with propagation the domain, my registrar shows the correct NS records "" and "" in cloudflare I have the correct A and MX configuration but for some reason the propagation domain is not going through correctly. according to "" e.g. Quad9, NeuStar do not solve my domain but At&T resolv corectly . Is there any way to reconfigure the records on the cloudflare side? The record settings appear to be correct.

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You have the wrong DNSSEC material active in the root servers. Any servers that validate DNSSEC are not going to provide results because your published DNSEC designates the answers as invalid. Obtain the correct DNSSEC material from your Cloudflare dashboard and update it at your registrar.

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Thank you, actually it wasn’t added, I added DNSSEC and waiting for propagation.


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