Problem with domain name transfer

I have just joined cloudflare and am trying to activate my website to use my domain name. i was given instructions to go through cloudflare and changed the nameservers with my domain to registrar to point to my cloudflare account. i got a status active email from cloudflare but when i try to visit my website it still takes me to the old website and not to the website affiliated with the cloudflare account. Do i wait more ti me or is there something else i need to do ?

Cloudflare is not a website host, so it will just proxy your existing website on your current host.

where i registered my domain is different from my website host. my website host said to go through cloudflare. Do i need to let my website host know or will it rsolve itself?

You don’t have to do anything with your web host.

When you added your site to Cloudflare, it should have scanned for possible DNS records from your old host. All your DNS records here should match all the DNS records that are in your web host’s DNS records page.

Are you saying you have a new host with a new website?

Yes i have a new website host and new website with

Then it sounds like you need to update your DNS records here so they match the ones at yclas.

How do i do that?

Here you go!

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I got the status active email from cloudflare

I think the dns records were added from what i can see. do i need to delete the dns only proxy status records?

So get rid of any of the old records from the old host. NOTE: DNS records relating to email must be set to :grey:.

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