Problem with domain in pages

Hi, I add domain in Cloudflare called
I upload my repository from gitlab and subdomain pages works perfectly.
The problem is my CNAME @ point to no work like a site for default domain.
I tried all, remove domain, remove repository, remove project nothing work.
I receive in my website 502.

In section custom domain in pages, I don’t see custom domain setup.

@Walshy or @WalshyMVP, do you any idea?

I see this domain is on Cloudflare, is it on your account? You shouldn’t see that page unless we can’t find the domain on your account.

Yes @Walshy it is in my Cloudflare account.


Looks like it works for me. I’d double check spelling and make sure there’s no space or other character at the start or end.

Edit: Looks like there is a typo actually, seems you missed the “ti” before “ficado” in your screenshot

Ohhhhh sorry!!!

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