Problem with DNS when downgrade from pro to free plan

I went from the business plan to free plan. Suddenly site it stopped working. Dns is set but site is not on cloudflare. Site is up but cloudflare not working.
On DNS management when click to change proxy for website and www site is no longer visible
Can anyone help me.

If you dont have the necessary DNS records, it is not much of a surprise that the site doesnt load any more. You need to recreate them.

Whats the domain?

Domain is

Loads just fine ->

Records are in place as well. They are not proxied, but that is not necessarily a must.

Whats the exact issue?

Looks like your browser is blocking something… Turn off your adblocks, clear your browser cache and turn on :orange: again from :grey: for all your records.

I’m a beginner at this so don’t blame me :slight_smile:
Here it shows thatsite is not on cloudflare:

Main problem is when I turn on the proxy site stops (not visible)

Because that is your server address. As I said, the records are not proxied. If you want them proxied you need to enable that.

Then enable it and we take it from there.

Yes i undersdant that. But when i turn on proxy site is off.

That should not happen. What is your encryption mode on Cloudflare?

Again, enable it.

“Your SSL/TLS encryption mode is Full”

Full Strict would be better, but thats not the main issue.

For the third time :wink:, enable the proxying and we can take it from there.

The site itself does load however.

What is your Universal SSL status?

If you had searched for the error message you got, you’d have got to Community Tip - Fixing SSL ERROR NO CYPHER OVERLAP in Mozilla

can’t you do this really?

Universal status is

I enable

And your overall certificate status on Cloudflare?

Looks like its propagating in every country…


I don’t know that. How can I check it

Post a screenshot of

No certificates issued. Exactly what I referred to under Problem with DNS when downgrade from pro to free plan.