Problem with DNS TXT setup

I am trying to use in my DNS setup in TXT record @ for root but each time when I click SAVE te record is changing for my website address. Than I am getting error from ClickFunnels “The TXT value needs to be added in your DNS records” so technically this is not working. Can anyone help me please? How do I do @ so it stays after i SAVE?

You don’t. There is no such thing as @. It is just a shorthand that most commonly is used to reference the root domain name, although its real meaning is a value equivalent to the $ORIGIN control statement. That means that in certain advanced circumstances, it may not be the same as your domain name, but that is not going apply in your Cloudflare account.

This means that it is perfectly normal to see @ replaced with in your Cloudflare dashboard DNS app after you save it. That is not going to change.

Can you share you domain name so Community members can share their findings with you?

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Thank you for your answer.
I did send your replay to ClickFunnels and the fix the problem by modifying one of the records

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