Problem with DNS resolution

Dear Cloudflare Community,

I have been having DNS resolution issue for some days now, I cannot visit webcp dot coreraid dot com but when I visit it from webcp dot ioniqpace dot com it works, IoniqPace is also hosted on Cloudflare and WebCP is on the same server and same IP for both domain’s DNS records. CoreRaid DNS records doesn’t resolve, I look forward to the solution from Cloudflare.

Abdullah J

The domain has invalid DNSSEC set at the registrar. Those should be removed at the registrar.


But I have DNSSEC disabled on Cloudflare. I deleted and added site again.

DNSSEC is also off on my registrar.

Those are pretty good diagnostic tools. If DNSSEC was recently removed at your registrar it may take time to propagate.


I see, I’ll probably ask my domain registrar to resolve this issue then, Thank you for the assistance.

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