Problem with DNS records A2hosting provider


I have add a new domain in Cloudflare and changed dns accordingly with my hosting IP.
A records
I have also created origin ssl certificate and add it in my hosting providere.
I also added full strict mode on SSL/TLS Overview.
I get the below error.

There was a problem loading this website

Try refreshing the page.
If the site still doesn’t load, please try again in a few minutes.

Can you please help?

What’s the site?

I cannot share a link

Try using preformatted text or spacing them like: example dot com

Look for details on Liberate The Hostname in the following #tutorial.

Was this domain previously used with a Shopify storefront?

I think yes.
Previous website was build with Shopify correct.
But now we changed hosting provider (change nameservers on the domain) and using wordpress.

The error page you shared in your screenshot is a Shopify error caused by Shopify not removing your domain from their Cloudflare for SaaS account. Cloudflare for SaaS takes precedence over other Cloudflare account settings. Since your site is no longer on the Shopify platform they serve that error page.

You can submit a support request with Shopify and escalate it until you can get it front of someone who understands the issue and fixes it, or you could fix it yourself right now by scrolling back up to one of my earlier posts and make use of the Liberate The Hostname tool mentioned in that #tutorial.

I cannot find the mentioned tool on the link you sent me. I just see posts and tutorial.

You have my sincere apologies. I accidentally included a link to a Cloudflare Documentation article with a similar name and not the Tutorial. The correct link follows.

Thank you very much for your help. I tried the tool and now it is working.
Thanks again for your time. :pray:

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