Problem with dns proxied on Host A

I had my website on BigCommerce as the platform, with DNS managed by Cloudflare. We have migrated to a server with PrestaShop. I removed the CNAME that pointed to the BigCommerce server and created an A record from the root to the new server with PrestaShop. When I enable the DNS proxy, the website does not resolve to the server’s host; instead, it points to an outdated CNAME that directs to another website currently under maintenance. However, when I disable the proxy, the website loads correctly for all users. This issue occurs specifically with the A record that points from the root domain to the IP address.

We have tried setting it to proxied every 24 hours, but the same issue persists. I have opened support tickets, but I have not received any response.

Can you give the domain and show a screenshot of the DNS records?

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You mentioned…

Does it work ok when using

Do you have any redirects set up here? (scroll down to also check under Bulk Redirects)

Are you able to enable the proxy for a time to see what happens?

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I haven’t configured anything in either section yet, and I haven’t tried using ‘www’, but I will activate both right now with ‘proxied’ so you can check. I haven’t tried it today, but it was redirecting to BigCommerce yesterday. Let’s test it now. Thanks for your quick responses.

Now is active and…

It looks a bit odd. It may be because Bigcommerce uses Cloudflare O2O and your domain is configured on their platform. If you still have access to the Bigcommerce configuration, make sure you remove your domain from there. If you don’t, or it doesn’t work, try contacting Bigcommerce to do it.

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How i can remove from there? i delete all dns zone from bigcommerce but same.

I’m not sure if that’s the problem, but the behaviour is odd. Someone else may have a better idea, or see if your ticket has a solution. You can post your ticket number here and maybe someone will pick it up.

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i am trying this Deprecated - Troubleshooting Custom Hostnames / Cloudflare for SaaS when moving provider


My ticket: #3251596

i try for 30 mins but not fix…

We have not received a solution through any channel, including our ticket submission, despite waiting for nearly four days. Our DNS settings with Cloudflare are currently unproxied, and we have yet to receive a response from BigCommerce either.

I’ve asked support to have a look at your ticket.

Thank you a lot!!!

The issue was due to an outdated custom hostname that adversely affected resolution through the Cloudflare proxy. This problem, which could not be resolved at the user level, has been internally resolved via a support ticket.

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