hey guys, i looked at numerous threads regarding this issue yet non helped with my problem.

domain is
registered at godaddy
original dns provider namecheap

2 days back I switched it from godaddy side to cloudflare dns, nameservers configured properly and propagated properly.
yet when I try to access it I get

This site can’t be reached
Check if there is a typo in

using some proxies it actually works, but its been 2 days and its still offline from my end tried from multiple clients on multiple ISP’s (some fresh who never accessed the site)
any ideas ? this is driving me crazy

It redirects me to which as far as I have tested, it is resolving and working for me?

But, as far as I see, the Website is not being proxied by Cloudflare? (:orange: DNS record for CNAME or A record at Cloudflare dashboard) pointing to

Moreover, gives SSL_ERROR_BAD_CERT_DOMAIN and totally different content.

Interesting, for CSS files I see they are requested over Cloudflare IP, while the website itself is not?

Have you got an A www record pointing to an IP address and :orange: and also A poiting to the same IP address and also :orange: at your DNS dashboard for your domain at Cloudflare?

What kind of SSL options have you got selected at the SSL tab of the Cloudflare dashboard?
Full SSL or some other?
Moreover, have you had an SSL certificate installed at your origin/host before you have switched nameservers to Cloudflare ones?

Is this topic about or

yes actually
i am using runcloud cloud admin panel, and the same web application is accessible from 2 urls
i am unable to resolve the url here, proxy is enabled and i currently only have 2 records basically, A (@) and www both pointing at my webserver ip

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