Problem with DNS over TLS

I have my Pfsense router configured for DNS over TLS with cloudflare resolvers and and for quite some time it has been trouble free. Over the last 2-3 weeks I get erratic performance using the cloudflare testpage. About 1 time out of 8 I get a successful page showing DOT is working:

Most of the time I get a page that shows connection to cloudflare but DOT failing:

There have been no changes on my end…there might be a problem with the ORD server

I may not have posted in the data correctly. When I get a rare DOT connection I see this:

Most of the DOT fails and I see this:

Again, nothing has changed on my end. I did a packet capture and everything is flowing out port 853, not port 53, and using just TCP…it’s just that Cloudflare’s test page now showing DOT failures when it used to be perfect in the past.

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