Problem with DNS -

When I ping it goes on but other user on diffrent ISP has the good record No proxy are activate for that domain.

If I do a NS lookup to that IP i got cloudflare in terms of providers.

Any ideas why I got that ?

Did you only add the domain a short time ago, then turn the proxy off? It may just be a propagation issue (one showed up here). You may need to wait a little time for the changes to propagate.

No nothing was changed on IP since several months.

Your Cloudflare nameservers were changed today, and your IP address has been proxied until today. You may have changed the domain to another Cloudflare account, or deleted and re-added the domain.



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oh yes we move from a cloudflare account to another. Same domain, same configuration. what do you recommend ?

Nothing, just wait for the changes to propagate. But it explains why you saw what you did.

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how much time ?

Hi there,

it may take up 48 hours, you can check DNS propagation with the whatsmydns tool here:

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