Problem with contacting "

Good day all

I am not really a customer of Cloudflare, but I have problems with the homepage “”

I already sent them some messages via WebForm, but didn’t get any answer. Not even via chat.

Can anyone tell me how else to reach the company?
I have a problem with their homepage

Thanks for the quick reply and kind regards

They have the following number listed.

+1 212-284-9982

Apart from that I am afraid the forum here would not really be the right place for that. Try Reddit perhaps.

Try looking up their contact information via the ICAN lookup service (which can be found at

Thank you very much for the answers.
I didn’t call the phone number on the homepage because it’s a foreign number for me.
I will have a look at to see who the registrar of the domain is and send a request that they send my request to the owner.

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