Problem with connection to the website

Hi. I have problem with my website. Everything works fine for me, but my friends cant connect to the site. What should I do?

Your DNSSEC is broken:
→ | DNSViz

I suggest you disable DNSSEC at your domain registrar. That should clear it up pretty quickly.


I turned off DNSSEC, as you suggested, but the problem still exist…

Give it some time. The .pl registry needs to clear that DNSSEC flag. Keep checking the DNSViz link. Make sure you use that link to Analyze the domain again so it can refresh.

You can also check here on DNSSEC status and the DS record:

According to that page, there’s a 15 minute delay for OVH to update records. If DNSSEC continues to be a problem, please contact OVH on the status.


Hi again. My website DNSSEC status is unsigned now, but the problem still exist.
What to do?

So much for that wish. I just found it can take up to 48 hours for it to completely clear out.

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Try to clear all cache from cloudflare.
BTW, your site is working fine now.

It’s working fine for most people, but with the DNSSEC issue, there are bound to be many where it doesn’t work. Some resolvers care about DNSSEC, and some don’t.

I don’t think purging cache will help if someone can’t resolve DNS for the site, as shown in the OP’s original image.

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