Problem with connection on subdomain

Hello, i have recently put my website behind cloudflare, i made all the configurations, but suddenly my subdomain is not working and i can’t figure it out why. Can you guys please help me figure this out please i will attach some photos. to see the configurations in cloudflare and the error i get.

ERROR: Screenshot by Lightshot

CONFIGURATION CLOUDFLARE: Screenshot by Lightshot / Screenshot by Lightshot / Screenshot by Lightshot is a second-level subdomain so is not covered by the Universal SSL certificate (which only covers and *

If you need this to be proxied, then you will have to use Advanced Certicate Manager. It’s usually better just not to use www.bolt... and stick with

Other things to note:

  • use only “Full (strict)”, not “Full” SSL/TLS mode
  • the mail subdomain needs to be a “DNS only” A record instead of a proxied CNAME to your domain. As does ftp if you actually use it for FTP.
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Thx. I managed to fix it by changing to without the www protocol. Thank you

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